What's The Book About?

My Heart Says This is a novel, traveling the familiar line
between love and hate, at the same time tight roping the
invisible line between heartache and insanity. It is a is a psychological, heart wrenching, mind boggling, contingency of
events. Filled with relatable characters, unbelievable drama, spit out your drink
situations, spicy lovemaking, hair pulling and murder, you are sure to be stuck
to the pages and canceling your plans, for a night in to finish My Heart Says

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Love, Be Peaceful & Search For Truth, Beautiful People!! ✌

Shaniqka T.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A Love Lost... 
Not So Long Ago, A Love Found.
Drowned By Regrets...
What Ifs... I Should Haves... 
Lost In Thoughts... In Memories... Of You... Of Love...The Many... 
Blaming Myself For The Mishits... Knowing I'm Not The Blame...
A Vicious Cycle Of Emotions...A Roller Coaster Of Games... 
Stopping The Tears That Flow From Reflections, 
Realizing That There Is Room For Change... Growth. 
Remembering The Love's I've Lost... Smiling From The Love I've Lost... Beaming With The Love I've Gained...
Acknowledging They Were Lost For A Reason...
Except For You... 
My Last Love...
Accepting My Fault, Knowing My Mistakes... Receiving My Gain... Learning My Lesson... 
You Taught... 
The Experience... 
The Change... 
Knowing That I Will Never Lose Again...
The Gain... 
True Love Teaches...
Real Love's Lessons...

Sunday, October 11, 2015


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My Mind's Eye Deceives Me.....The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity

As I sit and write the next book in the series, The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity, I am overwhelmed with emotion and excited and eager for you all to turn the pages of this next book. The characters that are reintroduced, the characters that are newly introduced all speak volumes of what happens in relationships. I just told a friend the other day, that I love to take my stories to the edge, I love to tell a story of a woman or man that goes over the boundary that most of us know not to cross. I'm excited to share my stories with you! I'd love your feedback! Share your stories, ask questions, these things will only make you stronger and help in the process of growth!! 

Love, Be Peaceful and Search for Truth Beautiful People,

With Love,

Shaniqka T.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Excerpt From My Heart Says This... The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity

. “Of course, you are all clear to go, your discharge papers are attached with the referrals, you ladies take care.” Dr. Taylor said before walking out of the room. Chelsea sat up in her bed and glanced over at Madison, who still seemed to be caught in shock, she was watching Dr. Taylor leave the room, “You ok?” Chelsea asked her. Madison’s face was a little frowned, “Yea.” She said, turning her head to Chelsea. “That woman looks very familiar.” She told Chelsea. “A little.” Chelsea said, she also felt like she knew her from somewhere. Chelsea twisted her body so that she could get off the bed and get dressed, “Chelsea I am so sorry. I should have never brought up that situation.” Madison apologized, “Madi, please.” Chelsea said waving her hand and walking over to retrieve her things from the closet, “No, Chelsea, I feel responsible, if I would have just let the conversation go, chances are you would not even be in this situation.” Madison said, starting to tear up. “Madison, this is not your fault. I shouldn’t have let myself get so worked up.” Chelsea told her. She walked over to Madison and grabbed her hands, “I needed to know about Camron, you were right. You didn’t need to hold that information from me.” She admitted to Madison. “So you’re not mad?” Madison asked, Chelsea shook her head, “No.” she replied. “I got so upset because it’s a lot to deal with right now and I had no clue what to think or what to do. Now I have to add this to the list of horrible things in my life. I have to find out what’s going on.” Chelsea said, walking back to the closet that held her things, she started to get dressed. “So you think that Camron knows Emily?” Madison asked curiously, walking towards the chair over by the window. “I hope not.” Chelsea said pulling her shirt over her head. “But it sure sounds as if he may.” She finished. “I wonder if that’s what Emily was going on and on about the day that you told her to seek services elsewhere.” Madison said in a daze, “What do you mean?” Chelsea asked, sitting down in the chair facing Madison. “Forget it.” Madison said, wishing she could blow off the comment. “You think that Camron is her fiancΓ©?” she asked giggling, putting on her shoes. Madison stared out of the window, she didn’t respond, she was caught up in her thoughts, she didn’t need to share anymore of her feelings with her sister. Chelsea watched Madison, “You really think that he is involved with this woman, don’t you?” she asked her sister. Madison took her attention from the dark sky and to her sister, “I don’t know what I think Chelsea.” Madison replied. “I guess we need to get Agent Matthew Hudson on the case, since he’s in town.” Chelsea said jokingly, she noticed that Madison didn’t laugh with her, her mouth opened, “Is that why Matthew is here?” she asked surprised. Madison didn’t know how to explain, “Would you be mad if…” she started, “If what?” Chelsea interrupted. Madison sighed, “After all of this stuff started to happen and the police were saying they couldn’t find her and didn’t seem to be much help, I did call Matt.” She admitted. “And?” Chelsea asked, finding herself annoyed again. “I haven’t heard back from him yet.” Madison answered. “Could it possibly be because there is nothing to report?” she said, standing up. Madison ignored her sister’s frustration and decided to change the subject, “So what are you going to do about the baby?” she asked her. Chelsea’s head jolted back a bit, “What do you mean?” she asked curiously. “Are you going to keep it?” Madison asked. Chelsea stared at her sister who was looking out the window again, “Of course I am. Abortion is not an option for me, no matter what I find out about Camron, I’m going to have this baby, and love this baby.” She said firmly. “Sorry.” Madison apologized, she started to feel heavy with emotion. Chelsea realized she might have come off a little too tough, “I’m sorry. I know you meant well.” Chelsea apologized. “It’s ok.” Madison said looking at her sister, “It shouldn’t be an option for anybody.” She said softly, tears forming in her eyes. Chelsea knelt down in front of her sister and embraced her in a hug, “Madison, I’m sorry for taking my anger out on you. I’m so happy that you are here, God works in mysterious ways, all of this happened while you were here, and if you weren’t I don’t know how I would be dealing with this. I’m going to blame all of this on my hormones. Will you allow me to?” Chelsea asked her, with tears now in her eyes, “Allowed.” Madison said smiling and wiping tears from hers, “I know this is hard for you, it’ll be my turn soon.” She said. Chelsea laughed and wiped tears from her cheeks, “Let’s hope not.” She told her. “Ok, let’s get out of here. I will drive back, it helps my mind not wander.” Chelsea told Madison. “You sure?” Madison asked, “You’re the one who is leaving the hospital.” She added. “I’m positive.” Chelsea replied, she could tell that something else was bothering her sister, but she had no idea what. She planned to go to Camron’s place tonight, and she didn’t want to sit in the passenger seat over thinking the situation. Once they got to the car, Madison was the one stuck in the passenger seat, stuck with her haunting memories, she watched the traffic until her mind finally drifted off to a memory that she tried so hard to forget.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mr. John Doe

 Mr. John Doe

Intoxicated by the thought of you. Catching my breathe as I close my eyes and vision you.
 I want you.
Losing my focus with mental images of you.
 Smart man, good man, black man, strong man, kind man, fun man...
A man's man that knows love.
 That knows God and God knows him. A man hugged by the sun, just as myself.
 A man that reflects in my mirror.
I want that, I need that, I deserve that, I am that...
 A new found freedom can bring confusion. The heart just wants to be wanted. The flesh just wants to be held. The mind...gets drowned out...That's the battlefield.
He's vain; he thinks this is about him, and he thinks this is about him. Oh, (Ha Ha) look...him...over there...he thinks this is about him.
 But see now...
You know exactly who you are.
We connect, on a different level. Our psyche matches.
Even if a borderline and a few cities apart...I can feel you.
What if I read the signs all wrong? What if there is a flip side?
You could not want me...you could be sexually magnified to me, but feel empty intellectually.
 You may not be tuned into me at all.
 I'd rather follow what I feel in my soul. I'll believe that she is correct from the start.
Cupid didn't miss...
My eyes lock on you, my body says go, my heart says you have to tell him,
my soul says move slow.
I do, I move, I'm trying. But its scary!
 I don't want my place stolen...if I have a place.
 Such a risk, putting my heart on the line like this.
He wants me...Even though he didn't.
He loves me...He told me. He's nice. He's kind. He's sweet. He's cute.
 But...he's not you.
 He's not you!
 I want you.
 So I have to pray. Pray for guidance, balance, love, understanding and peace.
And through God, we will be connected!
 Me and You.
 Whomever you are!
 I desire God, so I have him. I need him, he supplies the air I breathe. 
And through him I am granted, if he sees fit, the desires of my heart, in due time!
 I want you. I told him.
Therefore my faith tells me to trust, and if he and I can agree, and the angels sing,
so will our hearts
 Together Forever!
Love Mrs. Doe

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Excerpt From My Heart Says This~ The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity...

... “Take it off.” He commanded, pulling on her dress. “Take it off for me,” she purred, as she started to plant soft kisses on his neck. “I want to watch you.” he whispered in her ear.  He slouched on the patio chair and watched as Chelsea slid one strap and then the other over her shoulders, and down her chest, exposing her perfect c cups. Her caramel complexion was glimmering from the reflection of the moon, and he was growing stronger than he could stand. Chelsea let the dress fall to her ankles, Camron dropped to his knees and buried his face in between her legs, he sucked and tugged with his lips at hers through her panties. She held his head tight pushing him in harder. He pulled her panties down her legs with his teeth and then stood up, “Touch your toes.” He told her as he bent her over and without warning plunged his manhood deep inside of her. Chelsea sent out the most lustful scream, Camron could have filled her with every drop of what he had right then, but he held his composure and slowed his groove. “You like that baby?” he asked her softly, spreading his legs angling himself to hit her G-Spot perfectly, “Shit… Yessss.” Chelsea groaned, her knees weakened but he held her up and continued to plunge in and out of her. He picked up her weakened body and carried her to the couch that sat on the patio and laid her down, he spread her legs wide and looked into her eyes as he tasted the inside of her peach again delicately. Chelsea’s body bucked with each thrust of his soft tongue, “Yessss, Camron.” She moaned. He stood and Mr. Johnson greeted Chelsea’s lips, she happily glistened his good ole friend, Camron roared, his toes curled and his knees weakened. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, he grabbed Chelsea’s cheeks and pulled her off, “Wait baby, not yet.” He told her, pulling her up and kissing her. He turned her around and bent down to lift one of her legs and then the other onto the couch, he got onto his knees and plunged his self into her again, smacking her ass and holding on to it tight. Chelsea screamed out with passion again, “It’s been way to long baby.” She cried out.  “Tell me you love me girl.” He groaned through his teeth. “I love you.” She moaned. “I love you!” she cried out, as she felt him swell inside of her. “Yes.” Camron groaned loudly, as he squeezed her ass, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, his toes curled and he bucked as he pulled out of her and exploded.  Chelsea looked back and watched as he pumped his love all over her. Sweat dripping down his face, he leaned over and kissed her, “Thank you.” She told him, as they rested on each other’s forehead, breathing heavy. “You’re welcome.” He told her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lonely Fools

Lonely Fools 

A lonely fools search for love, is long and hard...They've yet to see...loneliness is not the issue.

Lonely fools search for love...forgetting to search within themselves; viewing things and people with the eyes of their world, rather than the eyes of their soul.

A lonely fools search for love becomes easier as they pray. After a few or several tries, they see that God gives you what you pray for, only to show you that he always has the best road... Sometimes what you want, isn't what you need...
Lonely fools fight too hard against loneliness...
They don't value the beauty of being alone...
Are they really "alone"...
The word says that we are never alone, and The Most High created the word...

Therefore, the battle of a lonely fool is a waste of precious time...
Time that could be spent alone... with The Most High
A Lonely Fool is never lonely...

Love, Be Peaceful & Search For Truth! 
Shaniqka T.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Answer The Polls At The Bottom!!!

Want to know what others would do? Would you stay with a cheating mate? Have you endured the pain in a toxic relationship? Answer the polls at the bottom! Have a Great Day Beautiful People!!

Excerpt from ~My Heart Says This~ The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity

“After what we’ve been through, I understand that we have never put a title on what we have or what we are doing, but I wish that you would have seen me to be significant enough in your life to tell me that you were seeing someone else.” She said interrupting him. Camron just sat there with a frown on his face, he was trying his hardest to subdue his anger, he knew this woman was crazy, and the only way that he would get out of here without having to see her again was to be calm. Emily moved closer to him and placed her hand over his, “You really can’t see us being together Camron?” she asked desperately. “Hell no.” Camron thought to himself, however instead of blurting that out he thought with a better side of himself. He knew he was part to blame for what was happening between him and Emily. “Emily…” he started. She moved her hands from his and looked at him, “I really can’t. I’m sorry, this is really hard for me because I do care for you.” He told her. Emily stood up from the floor and climbed back onto the bed, she got under the covers. Camron sat on the floor for a few more seconds, he felt a strong sense of guilt in the pit of his stomach. Ignoring the feeling, he got up and started to walk out of the bedroom, without looking back. “I love you Camron.” Emily said in a whisper. He walked to the front of the suite and made it to the door when he heard Emily’s cries grow louder, a part of him wanted to turn around and calm her down before he left, but again he ignored it and continued to walk out of the room, “I love you too.” He said as he pressed the button for the elevator. As he walked through the lobby to exit the hotel and catch a cab home, he started to reminisce again on the first time he realized he did have a love for Emily King.

Welcome Note From The Author!

Thanks So Much For Visiting The Site!!! It Is Dedicated To Women and Men Who Have Experienced Great Love... Bad Love... People Who've Lost Love... People Who Don't Believe In Love Anymore... The Heartache It Can Bring, The Pure Joy It Can Bring! Do You Have A Story To Tell??? Share It With Us, Your Story Could Help Another's Growth!!! Happy Reading Beautiful People!!!

A Little About The Novel...

Camron Henderson has a successful business, a nice house, nice car and a beautiful woman, Chelsea Roberts, who is ready to start a family and spend the rest of her life with him. However, like most men, he is afraid to lose everything he has to focusing on a relationship. He’s taught himself to block his romantic common sense. This rollercoaster ride has drove Chelsea away, although Camron is concerned and doesn’t want to see her walk away, he doesn’t have the time to run after her. Emily King has popped up like a Jack in the Box, and she is reminding him of all the reasons he is successful, and basking in riches. She wants him to continue to show his appreciation; she is convinced that she deserves it. She’s back to get Chelsea out of the picture and to get her happy ending. No matter what or who gets in the way!

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