What's The Book About?

My Heart Says This is a novel, traveling the familiar line
between love and hate, at the same time tight roping the
invisible line between heartache and insanity. It is a is a psychological, heart wrenching, mind boggling, contingency of
events. Filled with relatable characters, unbelievable drama, spit out your drink
situations, spicy lovemaking, hair pulling and murder, you are sure to be stuck
to the pages and canceling your plans, for a night in to finish My Heart Says

Monday, September 14, 2015

Excerpt From My Heart Says This... The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity

. “Of course, you are all clear to go, your discharge papers are attached with the referrals, you ladies take care.” Dr. Taylor said before walking out of the room. Chelsea sat up in her bed and glanced over at Madison, who still seemed to be caught in shock, she was watching Dr. Taylor leave the room, “You ok?” Chelsea asked her. Madison’s face was a little frowned, “Yea.” She said, turning her head to Chelsea. “That woman looks very familiar.” She told Chelsea. “A little.” Chelsea said, she also felt like she knew her from somewhere. Chelsea twisted her body so that she could get off the bed and get dressed, “Chelsea I am so sorry. I should have never brought up that situation.” Madison apologized, “Madi, please.” Chelsea said waving her hand and walking over to retrieve her things from the closet, “No, Chelsea, I feel responsible, if I would have just let the conversation go, chances are you would not even be in this situation.” Madison said, starting to tear up. “Madison, this is not your fault. I shouldn’t have let myself get so worked up.” Chelsea told her. She walked over to Madison and grabbed her hands, “I needed to know about Camron, you were right. You didn’t need to hold that information from me.” She admitted to Madison. “So you’re not mad?” Madison asked, Chelsea shook her head, “No.” she replied. “I got so upset because it’s a lot to deal with right now and I had no clue what to think or what to do. Now I have to add this to the list of horrible things in my life. I have to find out what’s going on.” Chelsea said, walking back to the closet that held her things, she started to get dressed. “So you think that Camron knows Emily?” Madison asked curiously, walking towards the chair over by the window. “I hope not.” Chelsea said pulling her shirt over her head. “But it sure sounds as if he may.” She finished. “I wonder if that’s what Emily was going on and on about the day that you told her to seek services elsewhere.” Madison said in a daze, “What do you mean?” Chelsea asked, sitting down in the chair facing Madison. “Forget it.” Madison said, wishing she could blow off the comment. “You think that Camron is her fiancé?” she asked giggling, putting on her shoes. Madison stared out of the window, she didn’t respond, she was caught up in her thoughts, she didn’t need to share anymore of her feelings with her sister. Chelsea watched Madison, “You really think that he is involved with this woman, don’t you?” she asked her sister. Madison took her attention from the dark sky and to her sister, “I don’t know what I think Chelsea.” Madison replied. “I guess we need to get Agent Matthew Hudson on the case, since he’s in town.” Chelsea said jokingly, she noticed that Madison didn’t laugh with her, her mouth opened, “Is that why Matthew is here?” she asked surprised. Madison didn’t know how to explain, “Would you be mad if…” she started, “If what?” Chelsea interrupted. Madison sighed, “After all of this stuff started to happen and the police were saying they couldn’t find her and didn’t seem to be much help, I did call Matt.” She admitted. “And?” Chelsea asked, finding herself annoyed again. “I haven’t heard back from him yet.” Madison answered. “Could it possibly be because there is nothing to report?” she said, standing up. Madison ignored her sister’s frustration and decided to change the subject, “So what are you going to do about the baby?” she asked her. Chelsea’s head jolted back a bit, “What do you mean?” she asked curiously. “Are you going to keep it?” Madison asked. Chelsea stared at her sister who was looking out the window again, “Of course I am. Abortion is not an option for me, no matter what I find out about Camron, I’m going to have this baby, and love this baby.” She said firmly. “Sorry.” Madison apologized, she started to feel heavy with emotion. Chelsea realized she might have come off a little too tough, “I’m sorry. I know you meant well.” Chelsea apologized. “It’s ok.” Madison said looking at her sister, “It shouldn’t be an option for anybody.” She said softly, tears forming in her eyes. Chelsea knelt down in front of her sister and embraced her in a hug, “Madison, I’m sorry for taking my anger out on you. I’m so happy that you are here, God works in mysterious ways, all of this happened while you were here, and if you weren’t I don’t know how I would be dealing with this. I’m going to blame all of this on my hormones. Will you allow me to?” Chelsea asked her, with tears now in her eyes, “Allowed.” Madison said smiling and wiping tears from hers, “I know this is hard for you, it’ll be my turn soon.” She said. Chelsea laughed and wiped tears from her cheeks, “Let’s hope not.” She told her. “Ok, let’s get out of here. I will drive back, it helps my mind not wander.” Chelsea told Madison. “You sure?” Madison asked, “You’re the one who is leaving the hospital.” She added. “I’m positive.” Chelsea replied, she could tell that something else was bothering her sister, but she had no idea what. She planned to go to Camron’s place tonight, and she didn’t want to sit in the passenger seat over thinking the situation. Once they got to the car, Madison was the one stuck in the passenger seat, stuck with her haunting memories, she watched the traffic until her mind finally drifted off to a memory that she tried so hard to forget.

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