What's The Book About?

My Heart Says This is a novel, traveling the familiar line
between love and hate, at the same time tight roping the
invisible line between heartache and insanity. It is a is a psychological, heart wrenching, mind boggling, contingency of
events. Filled with relatable characters, unbelievable drama, spit out your drink
situations, spicy lovemaking, hair pulling and murder, you are sure to be stuck
to the pages and canceling your plans, for a night in to finish My Heart Says

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Mind's Eye Deceives Me.....The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity

As I sit and write the next book in the series, The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity, I am overwhelmed with emotion and excited and eager for you all to turn the pages of this next book. The characters that are reintroduced, the characters that are newly introduced all speak volumes of what happens in relationships. I just told a friend the other day, that I love to take my stories to the edge, I love to tell a story of a woman or man that goes over the boundary that most of us know not to cross. I'm excited to share my stories with you! I'd love your feedback! Share your stories, ask questions, these things will only make you stronger and help in the process of growth!! 

Love, Be Peaceful and Search for Truth Beautiful People,

With Love,

Shaniqka T.

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